Q: What makes Olympic Math different from the other programs?

a. Olympic Math's systematic curriculum makes your children proficient from the basic skills to high level math. The skills they learn are sharpened and broadened through a continuous variety of questions and practices.

b. Olympic Math has a lot of practice with kids-appeal! In math, practice really does make perfect. Olympic Math practice into lots of fun pattern, riddles and activities that challenge students to think through the problems and comprehend the concepts. No problem is too difficult once they know "why" not just "how".

c. Olympic Math has been continuously revised to reflect the latest research to maintain a relevance for each generation of students.

d. Olympic Math's review tests each week diagnose students' learning progress. This will not only re-enforce the math concepts they have already learned, but also use them as tools for reasoning and problem solving.

Q: What are the benefits of learning Olympic Math?

a. Olympic Math can give your children clear number concepts. Your children will no longer have problems with place value, carrying and borrowing, with our innovative 10's & 5's resolutions and combination approach.

b. Olympic Math improves memory, concentration, and comprehension. Number/Geometry patterns, Analogies help children estimation capabilities and promote logical thinking.

c. Olympic Math helps students improve their test scores with a variety of problems to facilitate the skills they have already learned.

d. Olympic Math will give your children the best possible start in math, build a high self-esteem and a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Q: How's the performance of the students of Olympic Math?

Answer: 90% of headquarters students pass their school's GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) test. Many students represented their schools in the Math Olympia. We even have students with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) rise to top of their classes in math.

Q: How many students have participated Olympic Math?

Answer: In the past years, thousands of students have attended Olympic Math program and benefited from it.

Q: What does your curriculum cover?

Answer: Basic Skills/Calculations, Word Problems, Quickies and Math games. Every single question is research-based design and purposes oriented. The material for the Family Version now is available up to basic Algebra and Geometry. Each session has 3 portions: 1) Principles and highlights of what you can learn, 2) contents and 3) answer keys.

Q: When can my children start the program?

Answer: Your children can start the program any time. Generally, 6-7 years old children with basic number concepts (can count from 1 to 10) are ready for this program. When started early, children develop high confidence, avoiding "math-phobia" that sets in between 3rd and 4th grade.

Q: How do I know which level my children should start with?

Answer: Olympic Math keeps in tune with a variety of students needs and is tailor-made for class that a wide-range of ability levels. You can take our on-line assessment, and we will suggest which level your child should begin in.

Q: How long do my children have to work on the material each day?

Answer: In order to reach the greatest achievement, we suggest that your children do 2-3 pages of the material a day excluding Saturday and Sunday. It only takes about 15-20 minutes daily and your children's regular schedule won't be affected. You will see the improvements in 3 months.

Q: How often can I receive the materials?

Answer: The materials will be mailed to you bi-monthly according to the starting month you choose.

Q: How can I help my children?

Answer: In each session, there are highlights of what your children will be learning in that session. We suggest that you preview and go through it with your child if possible. Correcting your child's works is also helpful.

Q: I am a teacher/I run an education center. Can I order the materials for my students?

Answer: Yes. However, you have to place a minimum of 5 orders in each individual level.

Q: How can I find the authorized classroom close to me?

Answer: Please refer to our web page for the classrooms close to you.